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30 July 2005
Ancient earthworks in Jersey may stop shooting plan

A Jersey (Channel Islands) resident is objecting to a proposed extension to the Crabbé shooting range because he believes the suggested area is an important archaeological site. Peter Judge says that field 108, which is proposed as a site for clay pigeon shooting, has remnants of an earthworks hill fort which could date back to the Iron Age. He wants the area to be surveyed and then excavated to discover the full and accurate history of the site.
     Mr Judge said: "There is evidence that this is an archaeological site, and I think this was realised as far back as 1958. A Société Jersiaise bulletin at the time stated: 'There were signs of ploughing within the last few months at the bottom of the deep eastern part of the ditch, so that this, the most impressive part of the structure, may be in immediate danger.' This shows that the Société were well aware at the time that there is something there that needs protecting and investigating further."

Source: Jersey Evening Post (30 July 2005)

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