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7 August 2005
Hundreds flock to dig Flag Fen

Organisers of an archaeological event were so surprised by the number of people who joined in the fun that they have vowed to make it an annual event. Almost 1,000 people of all ages made their way to Flag Fen (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England) to take part in activities, watch history being recreated and dig deep into their own ancestry.
     It was the first time that the Bronze Age site laid on a lot of the activities, including a book fair and a hands-on mini archaeological dig. Now Toby Fox, the manager of the site, said: "We normally do the re-enactments, but decided to change it a little bit this year and do some more on archaeology. It was so popular that we'll definitely do it again next year."
     Dr Francis Pryor, one of the most familiar faces on the BBC's Time Team and a specialist on the Bronze and Iron Ages, opened the event and was on hand to sign his new book called Flag Fen Life and Death of a Prehistoric Landscape.

Source: Peterborough Today (3 August 2005)

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