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7 August 2005
Prehistoric artifacts unearthed in South Carolina

When Croatan Chief Ricky Bruner had timber cleared for his property this year, arrowheads fell from the roots. Thatís when he knew he had discovered a piece of history. Bruner discovered artifacts that belonged to a different tribe that lived on the property as many as 10,000 years ago.
     Bruner, also known to many as Chief Running Wolf, had been clearing the land for construction of an outdoor American Indian museum. Now, he plans to house the artifacts being found on the property in the museum.
     A team of archaeologists from North Carolina were excavating the 10-acre tract in Orangeburg (South Carolina, USA). "The oldest stuff is around 8,000 to 10,000 years old," said Bobby Southerlin, president and archaeologist at Archaeological Consultants of the Carolinas Inc. Among the artifacts found were several generations of arrowheads, bits of pottery and part of a knife. "What we really hope to find is a fire pit or the groundwork of a house," he said.
     The outdoor museum is expected to be completed in two to three years. It will include a cultural center, a powwow arena and a living village.

Source:The State (6 August 2005)

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