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7 August 2005
IFRAO 'Global State of the Art' Congress

The International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences will have its XV world Congress in Lisbon (Portugal) in September 4th-9th 2006. The Congress is being organised by the various international scientific Commissions of UISPP, together with a National Commission involving all the archaeological departments in Portugal and a Secretariat. In some regions of the world (Brazil, Canada, Western Africa, Australia, Ireland), local structures have also been established for the purpose.
     The Congress has the aim of presenting the status of world prehistory in 2006, but also of engaging a participation of non European countries stronger than in past times and to contribute for the collaboration with other international organizations, such as CAA, IFRAO or WAC.
     Proposals of sessions or workshops are welcome until September 2005, but over 90 sessions are already organised and promoters of sessions are asked to send their proposals as soon as possible.
     The Congress will be articulated in seven main sections: Theory and Methods, Archae-sciences, Hunter-gatherers, First farmers, Early metallurgy and complex societies, Historical archaeology, Other. It is important to mention that several sessions will be articulated in two major clusters: Southern America Archaeology Panorama and Global State of the Art (the later in association with IFRAO, the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations).
     All scholars, students and interested people are invited to apply as members of the Congress, through the web-site www.uispp.ipt.pt, where most relevant information may be found.

Source: IFRAO Congress press release (6 August 2005)

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