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21 August 2005
Children sail through the Bronze Age

Youngsters from Aberdeen (Scotland) have been trying to build their own Bronze Age boat at an annual summer workshop for aspiring archaeologists. Members of the club YoungArchaeologists@Aberdeen took up the challenge of building their own coracle at the city's Marischal Museum.
     Coracles were small, keel-less boats traditionally made from basketwork frames covered with animal hides, and probably made their first appearance in the north-east during the Bronze Age, between 2,200 and 750 BCE. The same period saw immigrants arrive in the area from north-western Europe, and it is believed many of them made the perilous journey across the North Sea in the flimsy vessels.
     Group leader Claire Smith said: "The aim of the activity is to give them an idea of the kind of transport that would have been used at that time." YoungArchaeologists@Aberdeen welcomes anyone aged between eight and 16. Meetings take place once a month at the museum. For more information visit the website http://www.abdn.ac.uk/youngarchaeologists

Source: The Press and Journal (13 August 2005)

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