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21 August 2005
Bronze Age remains found in Leicestershire

Several finds have been unearthed during work to lay a 12 million gas pipeline in Leicestershire (England). Remains found have included a 23ft-deep stone well and pots dating from Bronze Age settlements, about 2,500 years ago. The remains, found between Thurcaston and Ashby Folville, were discovered by teams of archaeologists working for gas supplier Transco, which is laying 10 miles of pipe. Exact details of where the finds have been made is being kept secret to deter treasure hunters.
     Archaeological adviser Linda Bonnor said: "The county has been really heavily occupied all the way through from prehistory, because it is a nice fertile area. The finds were spread between the Charnwood and Ashby Folville areas and included outline evidence of prehistoric round-house structures.
     Most of the artifacts were picked out during surveys of the land, before archaeologists began their digs in spring. Last year, experts revealed skulls found at Watermead Country Park near Birstall were 5,000 years old, the earliest remains discovered.

Source: Leicester Mercury (17 August 2005)

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