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25 August 2005
Figures up on last year at Carrowmore

The megalithic tombs in Carrowmore remain one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sligo and visitors to the site look set to be up on last year.
From May to October last year, 23,000 visitors went to see the megalithic site, which has the largest megalithic burial ground in Ireland. The site covers an area of 40 acres and it pre-dates Newgrange.
     Tour guide at the site, Mark Keane said: "We are ahead of last season and it looks like our figures will be up on last year." The season got off to a mixed start for the unique site. They opened later than usual and this was due to the construction work that was ongoing at the site at the time. May and June were noticeably slow but from last month on, it seems that there is a huge increase in the numbers of visitors to the ancient site.
     Part of the attraction of the Carrowmore tombs is its uniqueness. It is a regular place to visit for archaeological diehards who are constantly fascinated by the site. "It is somewhat surprising that the numbers visiting Carrowmore will be up on last year. Considering the lack of signage directing tourists to the renowned site and coupled with recent roadworks, it is surprising that tourists actually find the place at all. The closing of the Oakfield Road, due to the collapse of the Tonafortes Bridge, during the summer, had an enormous knock-on effect on the site, as tourists were not properly redirected," added Keane.

Source: Sligo Weekender (23 August 2005)

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