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28 August 2005
5000-year-old clay collection discovered in Iran

During the construction project for an irrigation structure in Rudbar of Kerman province (Iran), experts discovered some 40 objects dating to the third millennium BC. The objects, which are made of clay, were found in a depth of 4.5 meters along a ravine in the area, explained director of the archaeology department of Iranís Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) in Kerman province and head of the archaeology center of South East Iran, Nader Alidadi Soleymani.
     Water from the river has caused lots of damages to the objects, destroying them to a great extent; moreover, according to Soleymani, the machines working for the construction project have seriously damaged the ancient findings.  Based on the form and design of the clay pieces, Soleymani dates them back to the third millennium BCE.

Source: Cultural Heritage News Agency (24 August 2005)

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