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28 August 2005
3000-year-old mummified body unearthed in India

A mummified body wearing copper bracelets, some pottery and other artefacts dating back to the Indus Valley civilisation (1,000 BCE), have been found at a village in Baghpat district where the Archaeological Survey of India is conducting an excavation.
     The body, caked in mud and dirt collected over the centuries, was found at Sinoli village in Baghpat district and "could belong to the Sindhu period (or the Indus Valley era) about 3,000 years ago", archaeologist Dharamveer Sharma said. Sharma, who is supervising the ASI dig, said the excavation was at the initial stages and they had so far come upon intricate pots and other items of pottery dating to the period.  He said the "shape and inscriptions" on the artefacts indicated that they could belong to the Sindhu period, though tests (like radio-carbon dating) had yet to be conducted.
     The first items of pottery were found by one Dharampal while he was tilling his field in Sanoli village about a year ago after which the ASI decided to excavate the area.
Source: The Times of India (25 August 2005)

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