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28 August 2005
Ancient spear point missing after fair show

A spear point that might be more than 12,000 years old has turned up missing after being part of an "artifact road show" by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources last weekend during the Indiana State Fair (USA). The state agency announced it was seeking the return of the ancient Paleoindian Clovis spear point, which was used by early American Indian hunters and gatherers.
     It disappeared during the first half of the two-hour road show. The program was among the events that the state's Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology has scheduled to call attention to Gov. Mitch Daniels' proclamation of September as the 10th annual Archaeology Month in Indiana. Anyone with information about the spear point is asked to call the archaeology division at (317) 232-1646, e-mail dhpadnr. in.gov or simply return it at any DNR site.

Source: Indystar.com (26 August 2005)

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