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28 August 2005
Better access at Duddo stone circle

A recent agreement allowing public access to the stone circle near the Northumbrian village of Duddo (England) has proved successful. On a recent visit Heritage Action site inspector Ian Hobson found a small sign by the road, marking the agreed route. This allows visitors to reach the stones by the easiest route from the nearest road, and minimises crop damage by directing visitors to gaps running from the edge of the field to a newly designated plough free space around the five stones, protecting the monument from accidental damage by farm machinery.
     Congratulations must go to owners Penmar Farming Ltd and to DEFRA's Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) and English Heritage. DEFRA said: "Working closely with the landowners, their agents and English Heritage we have an agreement that will help sustain the arable farm business, enhance the environment and safeguard these important historical features.”
     While this seems to be the case, the present route is not accessible to all though, as it involves a walk through narrow gaps in an arable crop. If further improvements can be made, the portion of the route over the field can be made accessible to children’s buggies and wheelchairs.

Source: Heritage Action Journal (26 August 2005)

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