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3 September 2005
Bronze Age dig in Dorset reveals ancient finds

Archaeologists who have been busy working on one of the UK's largest Bronze Age digs of this summer are set to reveal their discoveries. The team of about 100 people has been working the Allen Valley site in Dorset along with archaeologists from Bournemouth University Archeological Field School since early August.
     The Knowlton Prehistoric Landscape Project is an archeological investigation into a prehistoric relict landscape located within the Allen Valley, Dorset, England. They are uncovering a series of ancient barrow cemeteries. Barrows, also know as Cairns, are mounds of earth or stones raised over a grave (or graves). The area has one of the densest concentrations of prehistoric monuments in northwest Europe and has attracted the attention of archeologists from as early as the 19th century.
     Professor John Gale, of Bournemouth University said, "Parts of the Cranborne Chase remain little understood and the Allen Valley is potentially one of the most interesting of them, investigations at the site are now revealing much important information. In 2003 we recovered the remains of a cremated infant within an urn that had barely survived."

Source: BBC News (1 September 2005)

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