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5 September 2005
Ancient Sardinian tomb vandalised

A vandalic incursion has badly damaged the Emiciclo tomb, the most important monument at Sas Concas pre-nuragic necropolis (Sardinia, Italy). A 30x40 cm rock slab from one of the walls of the tomb has been removed with hammer and chisel.        
     Ancient Sardinians carved rare figures in the tombs of Sas Concas: some of them are antropomorphic individuals represented upside down (probably a representation of the death, the opposite of life). Mr Enrico Calzolari first reported the fact to Maria Ausilia Fadda, the archaeologist of the local Superintendence. After a few days she inspected the site and immediately reported the damage to the Carabinieri.
     The Sas Concas eneolithic hypogeum is located on one side of the road leading to Oniferi (Nuoro). The vandals chose the most important tomb of the necropolis, which was restored just one year ago to clear it out from weeds and to stop seepage of water from the ceiling. The removed rocky slab is at least 4-5cm deep. There was a rare carving of a butterfly on it.
     "It is probable the vandals will strike again and I urge the Municipality to lock the tomb with a gate, so nobody could get in and cause further damage. I know this is a difficult decision to take, but it's the only way to salvage the remaining carvings," Maria Ausilia Fadda said.

Source: L'unione Sarda (30 July 2005)

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