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18 September 2005
Prehistoric Vietnamese findings likely to be published

The Culture and Information Service (CIS) of Central Highlands Kon Tum province (Vietnam) is seeking approval for publishing its archaeological findings on the Kon Tum prehistory age. The archaeological work systematically sketches the Kon Tum prehistory culture, which lasted from the Palolithic to the Neolithic Age and then to the metal age.
      Associate Prof., Dr. Nguyen Khac Su and his colleagues from the Viet Nam Archaeology Institute (VAI) have  spent over five years conducting the research.
The work revealed similarities between Kon Tum and other cultural areas in the Central Highlands, northern Viet Nam, and the eastern part of the southern region. Researchers also found that the Kon Tum prehistory culture is prominently represented by the Lung Leng culture.
      After excavating a 1.500 sq. m. archaeological site in Lung Leng, archaeologists from the VAI unearthed 2 million pottery pieces, 8,000 stone and metal objects, and various traces of kitchens and metallurgical kilns

Source: Vietnam News Agency (16 September 2005)

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