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18 September 2005
Late Bronze Age castle discovered in Iran

A six-month excavation and archaeological research at the historical site located at Qaresu River bank in Rouin Dezq Village (Iran) resulted in the discovery of an ancient military castle. Head of Ardebil province Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department Karim Hajizadeh said that this historical military castle has been unearthed at a large archaic site dating back to the Bronze Age by the archaeologist of the department, Reza Rezalu.
     "The unearthed castle along with the signs of past life and clay objects belong to the Bronze Age and the beginning of Iron Age (1700-550 BCE).Five hundred tombs have been found at the site, whose demolition has unfortunately have caused some problems in archaeological surveys at the site. A similar historical site was unearthed at the bank of Qaresu River at Pirazmiyan and Masoumabad villages last year.
     The official referred to similar objects of later periods discovered in Turkey and Caucasus and the remains of social life as proof that at certain historical eras the area has been subject to tension and likely attacks by Aryans.

Source: Payvand (17 September 2005)

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