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24 September 2005
Trying on the past at the Loch Crannog Tay Center

For the first time in two millennia the Perthshire Hills were ringing with the sound of Celtic and Pictish weaponry as one of the area's most popular visitor attractions gave people a chance to “try on the past”.
     The Scottish Crannog Centre near Kenmore, Loch Tay, was the perfect setting and opportunity for members of the Clan Atholl, who demonstrated Celtic and Pictish fighting techniques as well as how to wear the ancient kilt, no word was said on what the gentlemen wore beneath the kilts or plaid! Led by Alan Torrance, of Pitlochry, visitors had the chance to handle the many replica weapons on hand as well as trying on the kilts of the past.
     The “Try on the Past” day is the centre's second event staged as part of Scottish Archaeology month, which runs through September. Promoted by the Council for Scottish Archaeology, the program's aim is to encourage people to discover and explore Scotland's rich past. It woll also feature guided walks, talks, special exhibits, and hands-on events.
     There have been no weapons found so far during investigations into the man-made island settlements at Loch Tay, but new dating evidence has revealed that some of the original prehistoric crannogs were re-occupied during the Pictish times.
     The center's next event will celebrate architectural heritage for “Doors Open Days” and “European Heritage Days” in conjunction with Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust.

Source: The Press and Journal (19 September 2005)

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