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7 October 2005
Archaeologists uncover 2,500-year old ceramics near Tabor

Archaeologists in Tabor (South Bohemia, Czech Republic) have uncovered broken pieces of valuable ancient ceramics at a parking lot in Tabor, the oldest of which date back to the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, the head of the archaeologists' team, Rudolf Krajic, told reporters yesterday.
     The archaeological research, which is on the spot where an underground parking garage for some 150 cars will be built next year, was completed yesterday. Krajic said that the unique finding is yellow glazed ceramics from the 14th century. Among other valuable items is an ancient lead seal for goods with the inscription Tabor and the picture of a plant.
     Archaeologists also uncovered a 13th-century well, Gothic cellars and tiles from a stove, decorated with religious motifes and historical scenes. "We can thereby look into the way of thinking of the people who died hundreds of years ago" Krajic said.
     The new underground parking garage, at the site of a former synagogue, should be opened next June. It will be covered with a glass building that will house a tourist information center and cafe, Tabor Mayor Frantisek Dedic said. A wall of the Jewish synagogue will be preserved in the parking garage, but negotiations between the town and the investor on the construction site are still under way.

Source: Prague Daily Monitor (6 October 2005)

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