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16 October 2005
Unique insight into the Bronze Age in Wicklow

An upcoming archaeology event in Roundwood offers a unique insight into the Bronze Age in Wicklow (Ireland). A special exploration of archaeological discoveries from all around the county will take place at the end of this month.
     The one day seminar, organised by the Roundwood Historical and Folklore Society in association with the Heritage Office of Wicklow County Council, will feature a range of nationally renowned archaeologists. They will make presentations on subjects such as past investigations at Rathgall in south west Wicklow and recent discoveries at Charlesland, Greystones, as well as patterns of settlement and activity in county.
     The seminar will cover Wicklow from the Bronze Age, an era which encompassed almost 2000 years from approximately 2400-600 BCE. A unique feature of the day's events will be live demonstrations of Bronze Age casting using authentic methods by Umha Aois, a county Wicklow based group. There will be live re-enactments by Mogh Roith, a living history society.
     The seminar will run from 9.20 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on Saturday October 22 at Roundwood National School. Booking is not required and it is free of charge. For further information contact John Medlycott on (01) 2828146.

Source: Wicklow People (13 October 2005)

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