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16 October 2005
Survey of Iron Age hill fort in Cornwall

A full archaeological survey of one of the oldest sites in Penzance (Cornwall, England) - the Iron Age Lescudjack Hill Fort - is due to begin at the end of October. The survey will be carried out by Cornwall County Council's Historic Environment Service and will be followed by a geophysical survey to help identify buried archaeological features.
     Heritage Lottery Funding was awarded to Penwith Council in March for the restoration of the pre-historic hill fort which kick-started the acquisition proceedings for the site. A spokesman for Penwith Council said this week that in preparation for the work, which begins on October 31, it is necessary for the site to be cleared and for access to be restricted for public safety reasons.
     The survey aims to investigate, describe and understand the heritage character and significance of the hill fort, to assess its potential as a community resource through engaging with local people - especially schools - and to guide the future management of the site.
     The county council's Historic Environment Service will be carrying out desk research, looking at historic maps and engravings as well as aerial photographs, followed by a measured electronic survey to make a record of the site in its current state. The follow-up geophysical survey will also decide where test pits may be dug. Any interesting materials excavated will be displayed at Penlee House Gallery and Museum.

Source: This is Cornwall (13 October 2005)

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