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23 October 2005
Public asked for views on ancient hillfort

The consultation about what to do with Castle Hill, Yorkshire's largest and most imposing Iron Age hillfort in Huddersfield (England) has started. The future of the ancient earthwork has been the subject of much discussion since planning irregularities forced a new building on its summit to be pulled down. Kirklees Metropolitan Council is now asking the public and other interested parties, their views on what should be done with the ancient site.
     A consultancy team spent last weekend at the site and in Huddersfield issuing questionnaires and answering questions. The main question is should anything should replace the public house that was built without proper planning consent or should Castle Hill be left clear of buildings? Although the hill is a scheduled ancient monument, a small part of it is not 'scheduled'.
     In order to preserve the monument from further erosion it should be left clear of any development. The Heritage Action group asked for the current damage from erosion to be remedied and measures taken to prevent further erosion. To build anything new would create pressure on the existing road which is well below modern standards and rebuilding would cause untold damage any archaeological deposits still left in the embankments.

Source: Heritage Action Journal (12 October 2005)

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