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23 October 2005
Archaeologists to excavate prehistoric sites in Iran

A team of archaeologists are planning to begin excavations at two ancient mounds in eastern Isfahan Province (Iran) in the near future, the director of Isfahan Archaeology Office announced. Mohsen Javeri said that one of the mounds is located around Zayandeh Rud River and the other one is in the Gav Khuni Marsh.
     "The excavations will be carried out by local archaeologists from Isfahan and the Archaeological Research Center of Iran to identify the prehistoric residential areas. The region had the most dwelling places around Zayandeh Rud," he noted. Both mounds are prehistoric, he said, adding that their antiquity is still unclear since this is the first time they are being excavated.
      The archaeologists of the Isfahan and Tehran archaeology offices affiliated to the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization excavated the Hassanabad Cave near Zayandeh Rud some time ago and discovered a number of human and animal remains in this 50,000-year-old cave.

Source: Mehr News (18 October 2005)

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