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19 November 2005
First stage of Castle Hill consultation ends

The first stage of the public consultation about the future of Castle Hill, in  Huddersfield (U.K) has finished.
     Atkins Global, the company that has been tasked with investigating the public's attitude towards the Iron Age Hill Fort, has reported the questionnaire a great success. Many members of the public have put their views across by
answering the questionnaires on the streets of Huddersfield, on the Hill itself,  via online and by postal forms.
     Public interest in the future of the Hill has been fantastic and the questionnaire was a great success. Gareth Talbot of Atkins Global said "It's encouraging that so many people want to have a say and speaks volumes for the attachment and feelings people have for the place."
     The process continues with a draft report, a final public consultation and then the completed management action plan early next year. Watch this space!

Source: Heritage Action Journal (15 November 2005)

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