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20 November 2005
Grant helps to conserve ancient weapons cache

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council's museums service has won an award of 130,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the purchase and conservation of an ancient weapons cache. The cache consists of five iron swords in elaborately decorated scabbards, as well as 35 iron spearheads. Three metal detector users found them in 2001, near South Cave (Yorkshire, England).
     Once the finds have been purchased, a lengthy process of expert conservation and analysis will bring them up to display standard. The hoard will then go on display in a specially constructed case in the Treasure House at Beverley.
     Other elements of the project include a detailed publication of the finds and an educational programme built around them. The latter will include a series of children's workshops, a 'Celtic life' day, Iron Age memory boxes for schools and a lecture series. East Riding Council has contributed 44,000 towards the cost of the project.
     Nial Adams, principal museums officer, said the weapons cache would form the centrepiece of the Treasure House exhibition space. "This is the biggest archaeological find in the area for a decade and will attract many visitors."

Source: Beverley Guardian (16 November 2005)

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