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20 November 2005
Fire and the Archaeology of Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire

A seminar, sponsored by English Heritage: Fire and the Archaeology of Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire, will be held at the Whitby Museum, Pannett Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire on Thursday 1st December 2005.
     This seminar will review the responses to the needs of ecology and archaeology on 2.5 square kilometres of moorland on the coast of north-east Yorkshire, the subject of a disastrous fire in September 2003. The morning session will discuss what has been done to record the archaeology revealed by the fire, and how this has been integrated with efforts to safeguard the archaeology and regenerate the ecology of the moor. The afternoon session with consider continuing management and research requirements, including a discussion of the now-famous carved slab, and what the wider lessons of the project are.
     The following is an excerpt from the draft programme: "Aftermath of the fire: archaeological management issues" (Neil Redfern, EH); "The application of air photography to the burnt moorland" (Jane Stone, EH); "Rock art on Fylingdales Moor" (Paul Brown/Graeme Chappell); "New approaches to recording rock art" (Paul Bryan, EH); "Overview of the archaeology of Fylingdales Moor" (Blaise Vyner); "The Stoupe Brow monument - opportunity and dilemma" (Neil Redfern/Blaise Vyner)
     Please book in advance by e-mailing Blaise Vyner at blaise@meander.demon,co,uk or writing to 16 College Square, Stokesley, North Yorkshire TS9 5DL. If directions or other information are needed please inquire at the time of booking.

Source: English Heritage (17 November 2005)

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