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27 November 2005
Ridgeway story in the spotlight

A vivid insight into prehistoric Dorset (England) is on offer as a new project promoting one of the county's most fascinating ancient landscapes gathers pace. The unique history and rich archaeology of the South Dorset Ridgeway came under the spotlight during a special awareness day at Dorset County Museum in Dorchester.
     The Ridgeway lies north of Weymouth and the section between Broadwey in the east and Kingston Russell in the west boasts an impressive range of `humps and bumps' - ancient earthworks dating back to Neolithic times. The museum hosted a series of presentations by leading local experts looking at the area's prehistoric past and explaining how people can best learn about, explore and help protect this special place in the future.
     There was also a chance to find out about the museum's own collection of prehistoric artefacts, see a display of modern firings of Iron Age and Roman pots and learn how life in the far-flung past can be strikingly reconstructed through art.
     The day has been organised as part of the South Dorset Ridgeway Project, managed by the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership. It aims to increase local understanding and enjoyment of the area, and encourage better treatment of it in the future.
     The AONB project officer responsible for the work, Tony Flux, said: "The response from the public has already been very enthusiastic. The experts giving talks or presentations brought the past to life in various ways and we hope this will inspire visitors to take an active role in the project over coming months." A free 12-page booklet detailing the project is now available from local libraries, tourist information centres and the County Museum.

Source: This is Dorset (25 November 2005)

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