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28 November 2005
Durrington Walls: A Time Team Special

Time Team Special 28th Nov 9:00pm - 10:00pm GMT on Channel 4 TV (United Kingdom)
     The team has set itself a potentially huge task: to construct a full-size replica of a monument that once existed within Durrington Walls, a henge down the road from Stonehenge. Durrington Walls is considerably bigger than its famous neighbour; during an excavation in the summer, archaeologists established a link between the two sites, and in a wider context, built up a sophisticated picture of Stone Age life. The experts also uncovered the first Neolithic road to be discovered in Europe, a road that they presume was well trodden by Stone Age men and women, carrying the cremated remains of their dead. The Time Teamers set about their task, while batting around a few tasty theories about the site.
     More information on Time Team's website

Source: Time Team Website (28 November 2005)

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