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19 December 2005
5000-year-old twin grave unearthed in Burnt City

For the first time, a grave in which two twins were buried was unearthed during archaeological excavations in the historical site of Burnt City (Iran). Burnt City historical site, situated in Sistan va Baluchistan province in southeast of Iran, is one of the most important pre-historic sites of the country. Eight seasons of archaeological excavations in the site indicate that Burnt City was an important center of civilization and trade some 5000 years ago.
     "During the latest excavations in this historical site, we were able to unearth several historical graves and to discover the skeleton remains of infant twins who were buried alongside each other, said Farzad Forouzanfar, an anthropologist of the Archeological Research Center of Iran. "The evidence indicates that most probably the two infants were twins. Since the infants are still in a foetal position, they must have been immature babies, died before their birth," added Forouzanfar.
     Archeologists are determined to carry out excavations in a 1000 square meter area of the central part of the cemetery in this historical site during the 9th season of excavations in Burnt City.

Source: Cultural Heritage News Agency (15 December 2005)

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