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24 December 2005
A new 'Stone Henge' planned in Northamptonshire

Daventry District Council (Northamptonshire, England) has agreed unusual plans to build a 'stone henge' at the top of a famous landmark near Crick. The council last week debated plans to install four 10-tonne rocks at compass points around Cracks Hill to create a unique stone circle about 30 metres from the top of the hill. A fifth stone will be set into the ground at the summit and would have an insert in the top, pointing to local features and providing a short interpretation of Cracks Hill.
     A report compiled for the planning committee said that army Chinook helicopters could be brought in to airlift the boulders into place. The stone circle will be made of carboniferous limestone from Harlestone or another local quarry. It adds: "The intention is to involve local people, groups and schools in the preparation of the stones prior to their installation."  The information supporting the application mentions that the stones could be transported to the site by canal, road or air, with final positioning by air using helicopters.
     The council will seek grants from bodies such as the Arts Council to fund the project. Northamptonshire Heritage will also be notified seven days in advance of any work taking place so it can oversee ground excavations owing to the historic and archaeological nature of the site.

Source: Daventry Today (22 December 2005)

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