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26 December 2005
Artefacts from the Gozo stone circle to return home

Unique archaeological artefacts, unearthed during excavations at the Gozo Stone Circle in Xaghra close to Ggantija Temples (Malta), are expected to return to Gozo next year after having toured major European countries. The Ministry for Gozo will install modern showcases at the Gozo Museum of Archaeology for these artefacts by mid-2006. These showcases will protect these artefacts and will include shatter proof glass displays and a climate-controlled environment. These will also allow the artefacts from the Gozo Stone Circle to be permanently put on display in Gozo for the first time.
     The Gozo Stone Circle is a prehistoric cemetery in Xaghra situated just a few metres away from Ggantija Temples. In 1987, excavation works started at this location. These excavations brought to light accurate and scientific information about the population of the island of Gozo during those times as remains of around 700 individuals were found. More information is now available with the artefacts that were unearthed. These artefacts have also toured major European cities including London, Florence, Prague and Amsterdam.

Source: di-ve.com (26 December 2005)

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