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28 December 2005
Fires lit at modern stone circle marked shortest day

Fires were lit at a modern stone circle in Aberdeenshire (Scotland) to mark the winter solstice. The Breemie stones, at Broomhill, by Lyne of Skene, attracted people for quiet reflection as they watched the sun set on the shortest day of the year. Organisers of the gathering asked people to take along wood to fuel four fires.
     Jason Schroeder, who erected the stone circle, urged visitors to write down experiences they did not want to live through again on a piece of paper before burning the messages in the central fire. Mr Schroeder, originally from South Africa, said around 3,500 revellers turned up at his previous summer solstice at the stones.
     The ceremony started at sunset and was due to end around 10pm. Visitors were told not to bring alcohol or to camp at the site but urged to take along musical instruments to add to the entertainment. The 11 granite stones were placed in a circle more than 20 yards across at Broomhill in May last year by Mr Schroeder and land owner Alan Brownie.

Source: The Press and Journal, This is North Scotland (22 December 2005)

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