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31 December 2005
Divisions emerges in Tara Valley campaign

There has been further disagreement in the Save Skryne Tara Valley campaign with the group’s PRO, Dr Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin, resigning from the group over differences about the alternatives the group is proposing for the M3 motorway. While Dr Ni Bhrolchain a lecturer in Celtic studies at NUI Maynooth, will continue to oppose the route passing the Hill of Tara, she says she does not want to be tied to one specific alternative route over another.
     She became PRO of the Save Skryne Tara Valley campaign last summer after Vincent Salafia resigned from the position to pursue the issue through the courts. That hearing is scheduled to begin in the High Court on 12th January next and is expected to last six days. The Group favours a Multiway Plan by a transport researcher, Brian Guckian, over other alternatives and continues to promote that plan and to examine European legal avenues.
     Just before Environment Minister Dick Roche made his decision giving the go-ahead for archaeological excavations along the route, she and Dr Edel Bhreathnach presented the Minister and the Taoiseach with a statement signed by 350 academics worldwide. Dr Ni Bhrolchain said she will continue to
cooperate and work with those academics in their protest as well as all the focus groups that exist such as the Save the Tara Skryne Valley Group itself, Tara SOS, and Tarawatch.
     It is not the first time there has been a split in the Save Skryne Tara campaign. In the early days of the group, Julitta Clancy and the Meath Archaeological and Historical Association severed their connections with the group following disagreements.

Source: The Meath Chronicle (31 December 2005)

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