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7 January 2006
Major Bronze Age tool discovery in Somerset

Archaeologists have uncovered hundreds of Bronze Age tools on a Somerset (England) building site. About 800 items, including arrow heads, scraping knives and flint blades were found at the former hunting site. Experts have hailed the discovery, from more than 4,000 years ago, as one of the most important finds in the Somerset area in recent times.
     The tools were first found by workers at the Silk Mills Bridge construction site near Taunton. The artefacts, which were initially found during construction work in the summer, are now being assessed by archaeologists. Steven Membery, archaeologist for Somerset County Council, said: "It appears to be an island in a large river. It was used seasonally probably for hunting ducks and fish. It's rare to find hunter gathering communities like this anywhere so this is an important discovery." After the artefacts are checked, listed and analysed they will be sent to museums in the area where they will go on general public display.

Source: BBC News (3 January 2006)

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