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12 January 2006
Over 4,200 cliff tombs found in China

Archaeologists announced that more than 4,220 cliff tombs have been discovered at 680 sites in Shangluo, a city in western China's Shaanxi Province. The cliff tombs are large, they have various shapes and are scattered on a 160-km-long belt joining DanJiang Valley in the east and the Qianyou River in the west, said scientists from the provincial archeological research institute.
     According to Yang Yachang, a researcher with the institute, most of the single-room tombs are stone caves with rectanglular shape and are three meters deep, while the multi-room tombs are flat and carved with wells and shrines. Dozens of short inscriptions with the owner's names and the title of an emperor's reign were also found in the tombs. One cliff painting and eight bas-reliefs of human faces or beast heads were also found.

Source: China Broadcast (10 January 2006)

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