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12 January 2006
Ancient Australian rock carvings vandalised

The Wilderness Society has labelled as disgusting and malicious an attack on an ancient Aboriginal rock carving in Tasmania's northwest. The group says the vandalism of circular petroglyphs at Arthur River on the Tarkine Coast is reflective of wider management issues in the region.
     It is calling for the Tasmanian Government to ban off-road vehicles in the area and says the vandalism would not have occurred if the Tarkine was better managed. "It's totally disgusting, it's just malicious," Wilderness Society spokesman Geoff Law said of the vandalism. "It's just an area where the Government is failing to protect outstanding natural heritage."
     The rock carvings are believed to be about 2000 years old and were damaged with a chisel-like implement. The Tasmanian Aboriginal Land and Sea Council believes the vandalism is racially motivated and could be an extension of violence displayed during the Sydney riots.

Source: News.com.au (11 January 2006)

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