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27 January 2006
Paper reports world’s oldest temple is in Sanliurfa

One of Germany's leading newspapers, Die Welt, reported that the world's oldest temple, dating back around 12,000 years, is located on Göbekli Hill in Turkey's province of Sanliurfa. According to an article titled 'Holy Hill of the Hunters,' the temple was discovered by German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt, standing around 15 meters in height and located on a hill upon which a single tree stands. The paper said local people considered the lone tree a 'will tree' and that this tradition was not so surprising since the temple was one of the most important sacred places of ancient times. 
     Indicating that previously a 9,000-year-old temple in Jordan was considered to be the world's oldest, the article said, "Some parts of ancient history should be rewritten after this discovery." It also made reference to stone figures and columns discovered at the excavation site, suggesting that hundreds of people had worked to transport and erect the columns.
Source: Turkish Daily News (21 January 2006)

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