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1 February 2006
New flats may threaten Scottish standing stone

An ancient standing stone may be set to share its field with thousands of building blocks. Developers plan to build 21 new flats near the site of the rural relic at Cardrona (Peebleshire, Scotland). But local historical and environmental organisations have raised concern about the proposal.
     A representative from Historic Scotland, Lesley Brown, said: "We have already written a letter to the council's planning department to object about this. The stone is listed as being of national importance. When we talk about conserving it as a historical monument we are not only concerned with the physical impact on the stone itself, but also on its setting. This is part of national planning policy. The only was we would concede is in exceptional circumstances, but there is no real cause for building here. Housing needs are already being met" she added.
     Local planning officer, Barry Fotheringham, said: "We have already had a number of objections to this. The building would be close enough to the stone to warrant concerns. This doesn't necessarily mean that the application will be refused, but these things will be taken into consideration."
     Little is known about the stone, but archaeological experts believe it could have been standing in the field from as far back as 3000 BCE. One theory is that it was a marker for an ancient ford crossing through the nearby River Tweed.

Source: Peeblesshire News (20 January 2006)

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