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4 February 2006
Archaeology lectures at Sligo Institute

A series of public archaeology lectures will be held at Institute of Technology Sligo (co. Sligo, Ireland), some of which are organised by the Sligo Field Club. Two of the four lectures will be held at lunchtime to suit people on break from work.
     An excavation at Glencurran Cave in the Burren, carried out by Dr. Marion Dowd of IT Sligo in 2004 and 2005, will be the subject of the first lecture. The dig uncovered evidence of important Bronze Age burials and of early medieval occupation. The lecture, ‘Going underground: archaeological excavations in Glencurran Cave’ will take place on Wednesday 1 February at 1pm in lecture theatre A0004 off the main reception area.
     On Friday 3 February, Sligo Field Club will hold a lecture by Michael McDonagh of the National Roads Authority on ‘Archaeological discoveries along the Inner Relief Road’. This will be held in Sligo Education Centre at 8pm.
Dr Stefan Bergh of NUI Galway will talk on Friday 3 March on the results of excavations carried out on Neolithic remains at Mullaghfarna in the Bricklieve Mountains. The lecture will be at 8.00 p.m. in Sligo Education Centre, organised by the Sligo Field Club.
     On Wednesday 26 April there will be a lunchtime lecture (1.00 p.m.) in A0004 by Chris Read of IT Sligo on ‘Recent archaeological excavations at Kilteasheen’, near Knockvicar, Co. Roscommon. Kilteasheen is a training excavation site for students of the four-year BSc in Applied Archaeology at IT Sligo. The excavation uncovered a medieval church and burials in addition to evidence of prehistoric activity.

Source: The Sligo Champion (3 February 2006)

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