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19 February 2006
Prehistoric engravings and tools discovered in India

Archaeologists in Jharkhand's Basadera village (India) have discovered a huge stone engraved into the shape of tools, believed to have been used by prehistoric men. The findings have been termed by archaeologists as one of the largest findings ever with thousands of stones shaped like tools used by prehistoric men found at one place.
     "It must have been a prehistoric settlement. We have also recovered very ancient chopping tools. We had recovered the same kind of tools in the Shivalik and Narmada regions. The earlier surveys in Jharkhand did reveal hand axes, but this is the first time that we have recovered chopping tools. The engravings of an elephant on stones have been recovered that have been made by prehistoric man. These kinds of engravings have been discovered for the first time," said Onkar Chauhan, Superintendent Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, Ranchi.
     Situated at a distance of 175 kilometres from state capital Ranchi, the site is spread over an area of around 2 kilometres.

Source: ANI, WebIndia123 (15 February 2006)

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