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26 February 2006
Archaeologists in Jordan discover Bronze and Iron Age remains

Archaeologists found a skeleton and other remains dating to the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Jordan Valley. A team from Jordan and Greece discovered the skeleton along with 'with various remains of bones and pottery' dating to the Bronze Age, Saad Al Hadidi (director of the department of antiquities in Salt, in charge of the dig), said.
     Excavations in the region of Tal Al Kafrein, 38 kilometers (23 miles) south of the capital Amman, unearthed a cave containing a passage and staircases. They also found two floors of living quarters and brick and stone walls "in a good state", dating to the Bronze Age, which lasted from 3,200 to 1,950 BCE, and later Iron Ages. Hadidi said that further excavations were made impossible by the presence of recent Islamic tombs nearby.

Source: Middle East Times (20 January 2006)

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