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26 February 2006
3,000-year-old cliff painting found in SW China

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a cliff painting dating back 3,000 years along the Jinsha River in southwestern Yunnan Province, an expert has confirmed.
A team of three discovered the painting on the cliff along the Jinsha River in Yongren County under the guidance of local people, said Ji Xueping, associate professor with the Yunnan Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and a member of the team.
     The painting, 1.4 by 1.6 meters, was made with 11 prints of human palms, which are as large as those of modern people. There are two dancing figures - the bigger one represents a man while the other stands for a woman - in the painting, according to Ji. The red painting is still clear despite the passage of time. Archaeologists reckoned that ancient people drew it with a mixture of iron ore powder and animal blood.

Source: People's Daily Online (26 February 2006)

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