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12 March 2006
Dig planned for a Cumbria valley

Archaeologists hope to unearth Bronze Age treasures after receiving 50,000 to help fund a dig in a Cumbria valley (England). The three-year project in the Duddon Valley in the south west of the Lake District, will be carried out by professional archaeologists. Much of the work will focus on the cairn at Seathwaite Tarn - a mound of landmark and burial stones. The project is costing 133,000 supported by a 50,000 grant and is being supported by the Lake District National Park Authority.
     Archaeologists will be helped by university students, volunteers and members of the Duddon Valley History Group. Park Authority senior archaeologist John Hodgson said: "The valley is a quiet and scenic part of the Lake District National Park. "However, its quiet character masks a very long history of occupation. A wealth of physical remains exist from this long period, much of which has not been recorded."

Source: BBC News (10 March 2006), Cumbria Online (11 March 2006)

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