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19 March 2006
Perthshire Archaeology Month

The fourth Archaeology Month in Perth and Kinross (Scotland) will be celebrated from 27 May to 25 June 2006. The events within the programme are designed to give  expert guidance to the best archaeological sites in the area. Possibly best known are the prehistoric monuments, such as stone circles, burial mounds and hill-forts, and the impressive legacy of the Roman occupation. The following is a list of guided walks to prehistoric monuments: Dunsinnan Hillfort Guided Walk (Wednesday 31st May and Thursday 22nd June: 14001600: Collace); Fortingall: Imprints of the Ages (Thursday 1st and Tuesday 13th June: 10001230 and 1400-1630: Fortingall); Archaeology around Moulin and Pitlochry (Friday 2nd June: 10001300: Moulin/Pitlcohry); Fowlis Wester: Standing Stones, Picts and World War Two (Saturday 3rd June: 11001400: Fowlis Wester); Blackfaulds and Druid's Wood stone circles (Friday 9th and Friday 16th June: 14301630: Guildtown).
     For more information, please visit Pertshire.co.uk website.

Source: Perthshire.co.uk (16 March 2006)

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