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26 March 2006
Volunteers sought to help run Avebury

Volunteers are being asked to help with a variety of tasks to welcome visitors to the Avebury stones (Wiltshire, England). The National Trust has launched an appeal for volunteers as part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the monument being declared a World Heritage Site. The trust will be running an open day for potential volunteers for a wide variety of roles, from volunteer archaeologists to tour guides and raffle ticket sellers.
     The trust owns and cares for 1,600 acres of archaeologically significant and environmentally sensitive land in and around Avebury. Its estate includes most of the major monuments in the Avebury landscape, the Alexander Keiller Museum and a number of other important historic buildings. The trust is dependant on volunteers to help it manage some of the country's most wonderful places including Avebury.
     Nick Snashall, trust archaeologist at Avebury, said: "By supporting our work at Avebury, volunteers will play a vital role in helping to ensure that this unique place will continue to be enjoyed by future generations. As Avebury is such a large and complex place, there are a wide range of volunteer positions available." Mr Snashall said the trust is looking for people to help make visitors welcome in the museum and at the manor. It is also seeking volunteer archaeologists, countryside wardens, gardeners, tour guides for the stone circles, raffle ticket sellers and volunteer assistants to help in the shop and restaurant.
     Those interested in finding out more can book a place on the Avebury volunteer day by ringing (01672) 539250.

Source: Gazette & Herald (23 March 2006)

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