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2 April 2006
Arts project explores stone circles

The origins of the stone circles of the Eden Valley (East Cumbria, England) are to be explored thanks to a new arts project. Penrith Museum has been awarded a grant of 27,235 from the Arts Council to commission eight artists to create artworks for its summer exhibition, Stones, Circles, Landscape and Art, which opens next month. The artworks will reflect upon the stone circles and other prehistoric monuments in the Vale of Eden, such as Castlerigg and Long Meg and Her Daughters, and will be seen alongside a collection of genuine ancient artefacts and archaeological research.
     Eden District Council Chairman Ella Langan said: "This landscape is rich in prehistoric sites and the exhibition will showcase how the work of both artists and archaeologists contributes to our understanding of these remarkable monuments. Our aim is to encourage visitors to think in new ways about their prehistoric heritage." Stones, Circles, Landscape and Art opens in April.

Source: The Westmoreland Gazette (29 March 2006)

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