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6 April 2006
New group for discussion of Iron Age hill forts

A Yahoo! Group on the subject of Iron Age hill forts has been created, out of an interest in finding out more about their distribution, and to draw together general information on the subject. The Hillforts Yahoo! Group is for discussion of Iron Age hill forts, promontory forts and other kinds of Iron Age settlements and associated subjects. The group has been started out of an interest in creating a databse of all the hill forts (and related settlements and structures) in the British Isles, as no national list/database seems readily available on the web or in print.
     Members can contribute to this project by posting list or files from sources they have access to, such as Ordnance Survey map sheets, or by studying regional and local web sites and literature. It is hoped this project will spur interest in the general subject of these remarkable sites. The group is currently unmoderated and to join it, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hill_forts/.

Source: BritARCH Mailing List (5 April 2006)

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