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6 April 2006
Ploughing at Thornborough: a new problem?

TimeWatch have been contacted by locals at Thornborough (North Yorkshire, England) asking why the central henge has been quarried. During a recent talk, they were led to believe that the area within the hedge that surrounds the henges was subject to a land management deal that meant this area would not be ploughed. However, TimeWatch can confirm that the area between the hedge and the bank of the central henge has been ploughed in the last week or so. This is the area that holds the outer ditch of the central henge and is therefore part of the nationally important site. TimeWatch contacted English Heritage regarding this, who said they were looking into the exact terms of the land management deal.
     "It seems odd that Tarmac have allowed this to happen on its land, especially at a time when the company is keen to point out the threat to archaeology from ploughing in the area" Said TimeWatch Chairman, George Chaplin "The farmer had previously argued that it was important to preserve as much of the henges as possible, this commitment to the henges must now surely be in doubt. Tarmac have been very keen to highlight the threat of ploughing at Ladybridge, yet have made no effort to address this issue on the land it owns and now it seems ploughing has returned to the henges themselves. I hope that there is a reasonable explanation for this, but I would have though English Heritage would have been involved in any decision to plough this area"
     TimeWatch are keen to hear the results of the English Heritage investigation of this matter.

Source: TimeWatch Press Release (5 April 2005)

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