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23 April 2006
Prehistoric finds unearthed in Wyoming

A preliminary report on an archaeological dig says Hell's Half Acre, west of Casper (wyoming, USA), was home to prehistoric American Indians at least 1,200 years ago, and perhaps as long as 8,000 years ago. John Albanese, chairman of the Natrona County Historic Preservation Society, told Natrona County commissioners that archaeological evidence shows Indians were hunting bison at Hell's Half Acre between 1,200 and 3,000 years ago, and that some evidence appeared to be much older. "There could be some older material," Albanese said. "We found a spear point about 8,000 years old."
     Albanese was hired by the county to conduct an archaeological dig on about 460 acres of the county's 960-acre park at Hell's Half Acre. He said he hoped to have his final report completed later this year. Albanese said his research so far indicates the area was populated by small bands - 20 or 30 people, probably family or clan groups - during the summer, with bands coming together into groups of 200 to 300 during the winter. Those larger groups would herd bison through the arroyos to Hell's Half Acre, then herd them over the cliffs to their deaths, providing meat for the winter.

Sources: Associated Press, Billinngs Gazette (17 April 2006)

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