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21 May 2006
Proposals to recreate Stonehenge

An ambitious project to recreate Stonehenge as it would have looked 4,000 years ago is being planned. Fragments of only three circles remain, but quarry firm Preseli Bluestone wants to build all seven from scratch. It is hoped the circles will be completed by 2009. The new site would be open to visitors. An exact location is yet to be decided, but the Cotswold Water Park, which straddles Wiltshire and Gloucs, is one of several sites being considered.
     Preseli Bluestone owns the quarry in Wales where the stones for the ancient Wiltshire monument originally came from. Colin Shearing, from the company, said: "We don't want to replicate Stonehenge as it stands today, but rather as how it would have looked when completed about 4,000 years ago." The new Stonehenge would be built using both modern and ancient methods which the public would be invited to watch. The plans are in the very early stages, but the aim is to create a 21st Century 'landmark architectural heritage sculpture' which allows visitors to walk among, and touch, the stones.

Source: BBC News (9 May 2006)

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