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21 May 2006
4,500 year-old bricks found in India

Huge bricks belonging to the ancient Indian Kushan Dynasty have been found near the famous Kurukshetra battlefield, around which the Indian epic, Mahabharata, involving a fatricidal conflict between the Pandavas and Kauravas, is centered.
     According to the Haryana Archaeology Department, the significant archaeological find was found at Brahamsar Teeratha, about 40 km from Kurukshetra. Officials said that the bricks are as old as 4,500 years and measured 70 by 47 by 10 cm. They were discovered during the desilting process of the Brahamsar Teeratha in Thana village, and were probably used for the construction of bathing places near the water tank, which spreads over 115 acres. Officials say the tank was properly excavated under the guidance of archaeologists of the Archaeological Survey of India or the Haryana State Archaeology Department.

Source: NewKerala.com (15 May 2006)

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