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30 May 2006
Motorway is threatening an ancient stone circle in Spain

The prehistoric stone circle of Moruela (A Coruna, Spain) is seriously threatened by the construction of a motorway. Local protesters are trying to stop its destruction, but roadworks have already started.
     In 1929 Federico Macineira, a scholar of Ortegal, published in the file of the Seminary of Galician Studies "Remarkable stone circles and dolmen of the upper Eume river basin", in which he states the existence of two stone circles in the Moruela region, in the municipality of As Pontes, in the province of A Coruna. Almost 100 years later, the CPTOPT (Conselleria de Territorial Politica, Obras Publicas y Vivenda of the Xunta of Galicia) claims in an environmental impact report for the Ferrol-Villalba railcar that is unable to verify the existence of these prehistoric structures.
     Several groups tried to obtain money for the excavation of the site, but the study has not been finished and the works of the motorway advance. If you are willing to help the local group of people fighting to save their heritage, extending the term of archaeological excavation at the site, please visit their website at www.amigus.org/mourela.php (in Spanish - a video is available in English) and sign their online petition.

Source: Asociacion Informatica Amigus - As Pontes (29 May 2006)

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